Contest: Win a free Zinio digital magazine subscription!

Posted on July 29th, 2013 by Laura Byrne Paquet in Contests

Feel like paper magazines are so 1930s? Read on. (Newsstand, 32nd Street and Third Avenue, Manhattan. Berenice Abbott,  photographer. November 19, 1935. Courtesy of the New York Public Library via Creative Commons. No known copyright restrictions.)

Feel like paper magazines are so 1930s? Read on. (Newsstand, 32nd Street and Third Avenue, Manhattan. Berenice Abbott, photographer. November 19, 1935. Courtesy of the New York Public Library via Creative Commons. No known copyright restrictions.)

Are you a travel magazine fanatic, but you hate lugging around piles of dead trees? Zinio may be the answer–and you could win one of 10 free Zinio digital magazine subscriptions right here at Facing the Street.

How does Zinio work? In a nutshell, once you subscribe (or win a subscription!), you’ll receive each complete issue as a digital file you can read on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Some Zinio editions are interactive, with links, video and other perks not available in the print version.

Zinio is full of temptations for armchair travellers, including digital versions of Afar, National Geographic Traveler, Islands, Lonely Planet Traveller, Condé Nast Traveler/Traveller (U.S. and British editions), Travel + Leisure and Wanderlust. (To see everything available, go to Zinio, click on “Shop Magazines,” then “Shop by Category,” then “Travel.”)

The length of the subscription varies based on the publication you choose.

So, I hear you asking, how do I enter to win?


1. Answer the following question in a comment on this post: “Have you ever travelled somewhere because a magazine article inspired you–and, if so, where did you go?”

2. Include your first and last name, and the name of the travel magazine you’d like to win a subscription to. (Make sure it is one that Zinio offers!)

That’s it.

Post your comment by 11:59pm Eastern time on Monday, August 5, 2013. I’ll choose 10 lucky winners randomly based on all entries received.

Good luck!

P.S.: If you don’t win–or even if you do!–here’s some other news that may be of interest. With the Zinio Z-Pass, you can receive three digital mags for $5 a month. Try new ones every month, if you like. It sounds like a good way to “test drive” a new-to-you magazine before ponying up for a full subscription.

Disclosure: Zinio is providing the 10 subscriptions for winners free of charge.

30 Comments on “Contest: Win a free Zinio digital magazine subscription!”

  1. Margie Goldsmith

    Years ago, I saw a photo in National Geographic of a bare-breatsed tribeswoman with both her body and hair covered in a coppery ochre paste and rows and rows of beaded necklaces adorning her neck. I was entranced. The caption said she was from the nomadic Himba tribe in Namibia. it took me over 30 years to get there, but last year I finally landed in Namibia. The tribeswomen looked EXACTLY the same as they had on the cover of Nat Geo, but I was able to interact with them — not just look at a photo.

    If I am chosen, I would love to receive ISLANDS.

    • Laura Byrne Paquet

      Wow–dreaming about a destination for 30 years and then finally visiting! That’s very cool, Margie. Maybe there’s hope for me to get to Bhutan yet! I’ve been fantasizing about going there for at least a decade.

  2. StefCitron

    Years ago, after reading a piece on the Amalfi Coast In CN Traveler, I changed our travel plans from California to Sorrento, Positano and Capri. It remain my favorite destination in the world.
    Stephanie Citron
    N G Traveler

    • Laura Byrne Paquet

      From the photos I’ve seen, it looks like a gorgeous place, Stephanie. Another one to add to my life list.

  3. Emilie Harting

    I traveled to Belize because of pictures I saw in National Geographic a number of years ago, before Belize became a “hot” destination. After the first trip, I returned two more times, and hope to go a fourth time

    • Laura Byrne Paquet

      Isn’t it fun to discover a place you can just keep going back to, Emilie?

  4. Kate Pocock

    After reading a newspaper article about the Three Mary’s (including Jesus’s mother) having sailed to the southwest region of France in Biblical times, we travelled to this fascinating Camargue region of France. The epicentre for modern-day Mary pilgrims is Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, where she is supposedly buried and tourists have flocked for centuries. Besides churches and statues, we found white horses, pink flamingos, sandy beaches, salt marshes. French cowboys and wonderful food based. It was a memorable vacation. I would love to return there and would never have known about it if I hadn’t read this published travel article.
    Kate Pocock
    PS Favourite travel magazine: Wanderlust
    Many thanks!

    • Laura Byrne Paquet

      Wow, I had no idea about this story about the Three Marys, Kate! That’s fascinating–no wonder you wanted to go.

  5. John Nowlan

    Travel + Leisure inspired us to travel to the Galapagos Islands. Following the path of Darwin was inspiring.

    • Laura Byrne Paquet

      The Galapagos Islands are another spot on my life list, John. It must have been amazing.

  6. Ann Campbell

    Many, many years ago I read a National Geographic article on the Grand Canyon (okay, I probably just looked at the photos!) It inspired a life-long desire to visit, a dream realized when I did a two-week paddle and hiking trip through the canyon.

    Thanks for asking Laura!

    Love, love, love Outside magazine (and yes, it’s a Zinio Magazine)

    • Laura Byrne Paquet

      The photos in NG make me want to go everywhere, Ann! I’m glad you made it to the Grand Canyon. I just saw it myself for the first time two years ago and I was awestruck.

  7. Sandra Phinney

    An article in the New York Times inspired my sister and I to plan a trip to Senegal, West Africa. We backpacked throughout the country for two weeks. Not very bright, mind you, but a memorable trip at many levels.

    Sandra Phinney
    Selection: Wanderlust

    • Laura Byrne Paquet

      Often the best trips aren’t “very bright,” Sandra! Glad it turned out to be memorable. 🙂

  8. Barbara Radcliffe Rogers

    It didn’t inspire the trip to Brazil, but an article in a magazine I can’t even remember (I read it while under the hairdryer back in the days when I had long hair and had it “done”) mentioned a restaurant high on an unfinished “skyscraper” in Rio, and as we were going to Brazil I made a note of it. The friends we were traveling with were game to try it, so we found the building — indeed a construction site — and took the elevator to the top, then walked across an open area of girders with plywood sheets as a floor. All open to the stars, with the city lights about 20 storeys down. And into a completely finished and quite elegant restaurant where we had an excellent dinner looking down on the city and bay. We were very careful re-crossing to the elevator after a couple of batidas.

    Barbara Radcliffe Rogers
    Selection: Islands

    • Laura Byrne Paquet

      What a cool adventure, Barbara! I love it when articles point out places I never would have found on my own.

  9. Gayle Keck

    Boy, I’m trying to think of some specific inspiration, but I can’t. I simply believe that reading about travel in newspapers and magazines infected me with wanderlust. The “disease” only seems to get more powerful, the more I read!

    Gayle Keck
    Selection: Travel+Leisure (I still get most of the others in the old-fashioned paper versions)

    • Laura Byrne Paquet

      I know what you mean, Gayle. I was reading an article this morning about Tallinn (a city I’ve already visited) and it made me want to go back!

  10. Ilona Biro

    Years ago the NYTimes travel magazine ran a story about an American couple who traveled with their daughter, an aspiring cellist, to the Croatian island of Hvar, so she could take part in a strings summer camp. It inspired me to travel there, and I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was.
    I would love to get a sibscription to AFAR, as it strikes me their mandate matches exactly the way I feel about travel, and why I travel.

    • Laura Byrne Paquet

      I really love Afar, too, Ilona. I was reading a fascinating piece in it yesterday about a South African urban design firm that is helping Brazil prepare to host the World Cup.

  11. Marke

    If you didn’t win one of the free subscriptions that Laura had to give away, head over to where there are 8 more available.

  12. Tony Clemens

    My wanderlust must have started a long time ago reading my dad’s issues of National Geographic, nothing else in my young life experiences would have explained a desire to visit Angkor Vat or Machu Picchu. If I win then I choose National Geographic Traveler.

    • Laura Byrne Paquet

      Both are still on my bucket list, Tony!

  13. Sameer Menon

    Nat Geo and Top Gear got me hooked on Australia and the drive on the Great Ocean Road. Guess it was serendipity that my company wanted someone to move to Australia to work with a client. 18 months in and still discovering new places and still planning a Sydney to Perth road trip through the middle of the country.

    • Laura Byrne Paquet

      Wow–moving there for 18 months means you were seriously inspired! If you win the subscription, what magazine would you like?

      • Sameer Menon

        New Scientist / Science Illustrated… pretty much a geek (nerd) at heart.

        • Laura Byrne Paquet


  14. Blake Kaplan

    I grew up in Shreveport, La., but read a magazine article about the Christmas light displays in nearby Natchitoches, La. One winter night in high school, I gathered my friends and made the hour-long trek. It was worth the drive! (Magazine choice: Wanderlust.)

    • Laura Byrne Paquet

      Sometimes the best travel discoveries are in our own backyard, aren’t they? Thanks for entering the contest, Blake!

  15. Laura Byrne Paquet

    Thanks so much for entering, everyone! I’ve used the random list generator at to generate the list of winners, who are as follows:

    Tony Clemens
    Blake Kaplan
    Gayle Keck
    Emilie Harting
    Ilona Biro
    Barbara Radcliffe Rogers
    Sameer Menon
    Stephanie Citron
    Margie Goldsmith
    Sandra Phinney

    I’ll be e-mailing you soon with details on how to claim your free subscription. Congratulations!


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