Cafe with a view in Melbourne

Posted on April 7th, 2010 by Laura Byrne Paquet in Food

I discovered the St. Kilda Pier Kiosk cafe by accident. I’d strolled up the long pier in the beachfront Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda just to check out the view. And quite a view it is.

"St. Kilda" pier
The fact that I could munch on a decent, inexpensive sandwich while absorbing the scenery was a bonus. To be completely honest, I don’t even remember what kind of sandwich it was! It simply dealt efficiently with my hunger while I admired the sea.

The cafe is located in a cream puff of an Edwardian building dating back to 1904.

"St. Kilda" kiosk melbourne australia
As well as sandwiches, it serves milkshakes, tea, pastries and other light snacks. But don’t expect to enjoy your cheap meal and a summer sunset, too: the cafe closes at 5:30pm on weekdays and 6:00pm on weekends. (If sunsets are your thing, check out the somewhat fancier Little Blue restaurant in the same building, where dishes include classics like risotto and chicken Kiev.)

And here’s the best part: behind the building, a long breakwater shelters a colony of little blue penguins. Ask the regulars sunbathing on the rocks to point them out to you. I took a million photos, but due to poor lighting and meagre skills, this was the best I could manage.

"St. Kilda" melbourne australia breakwater penguin
The cafe’s food may not be memorable, but how many restaurants can boast their own penguin colony?

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Disclosure: I travelled to Melbourne courtesy of Tourism Australia.

7 Comments on “Cafe with a view in Melbourne”

  1. Jessie V

    love this – food, scenery, AND penguins! thanks for sharing.

  2. Laura Byrne Paquet

    Glad you enjoyed it, Jessie–thanks!

  3. LadyE

    Great story. Would love to see the penguins.

  4. Laura Byrne Paquet

    Thanks, LadyE! The penguins really are cute.

  5. Margo

    what an amazing looking place. The architecture of the building had me, but then came the penguins and I'm sold. I'd love to come see your part of the world someday, and this is exactly the kind of place I'm glad to know about!

  6. Laura Byrne Paquet

    Thanks, Margo–glad you're inspired! I was in Melbourne to write a magazine article. I'd love to go back someday!

  7. Jennifer Stover

    Totally love that cafe, but I also love this lodge that's right in the middle of the rainforest. Bonus – guests get to stay in treehouses!

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